We are a by appointment only salon.
Please see each stylist bio page to text them independently for your salon appointment.

Wait in car upon arrival, text your stylist when you have arrived. (we would like the previous customer out the door first)

Clients are required to wear a mask (one with ear loops) for the safety of everyone.

Salon staff wears masks.

Bring only yourself to your appointment (no pets or extra guests)

A mandatory release form will be signed prior to entrance to receive service.

(In short, JunoStudio is not liable for Covid 19)

Upon entrance your hands will be sanitized at the table by the door.
The salon is sanitized as we work and between each customer.
Please be consciences of the salon, the stylists, and other guests by taking responsibility to keep yourself safe.
Cleaning products, medical grade hand soap, hand sanitizer, are in the salons restrooms and throughout the salon for your safety.

Bring a book to read as we no longer have salon magazines for public use.


For more information please see Blog page.

Barbacide certified Salon
We use medical grade alcohol.
Medical grade hand soap is provided as is hand sanitizer.
All capes and towels are fresh for each customer.