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“Exceptional hair artistry is based on listening, knowing your client and learning about their life.”  It’s a collaborative experience – Jules

Juno Studio Boulder salon studio owner, Jules Juno specializes in technical precision haircutting, hair color, color correction,  Avant Garde and European styles.

Founder of, Juno Of Contemporary Hair Artistry Studio in 2004 utilizes an intuitive, holistic, approach with people to find the right style for their face, body type, age, personality and lifestyle. And comfort zone.



Some people have said,  she has a gift of healing through a hair appointment. Using it as an opening to what may show itself.


“I will be open and honest and gently push to strive for the shift and change that needs to happen for the persons best look, and the next step for them to arrive confidently where they want to in life."


"I feel I am always getting someone “ready “ for “something” as that’s usually the case in more ways then one"


As a salon owner, she believes in cultivating the greater good for the salon space, providing a creative, sane atmosphere, for the staff’s happiness and success in business and life. JunoStudio Of Contemporary Hair Artistry is "Our salon home."


“When the salon staff feels relaxed in the environment, it makes them happy and creative, the customers feel it and benefit from the energy which creates a healthy vortex all around, everyone wins. This does not just magically happen, it’s a daily exercise”


I wanted to open a creative, non-frenetic, artistic salon, a space that would with out words, artistically express care, beauty, love, art, peace, and creativity through the space and project a safe, creative heaven for people of like mind and spirit.


JunoStudio can feel like a sanctuary of good vibes and creativity, where,  once you leave you feel better on many levels.


A veteran in the hair industry and founder of Juno Studio, Jules began her career in the mid-1980s at Horst Education Center (Horst Rechelbacher was the founder of Aveda International) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Even at first glance, she has an intuitive understanding of an individual’s style needs and potential. She excels at timeless precision cuts.


Formerly employed at Aveda International, as an Instructor at the Aveda Flagship Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


She was a full-time Haircutting Educator and Platform Stage Artist at Sebastian International. She trained with Horst Rechelbacher, John English, Robert Lobetta, Michael O’Rourke, Yosh Toya, Ginger Boyle and Landis Powers.


Juno studied intensive color chemistry at the New York City and Chicago Clairol Institutes; she is an Advanced Hair Cutter and Color Correction Technician. Jules is a Certified Cosmetology Instructor and Certified Advanced Training Hair Instructor. Beyond hair styling and artistry, she has experience in makeup artistry and photo styling. Learning these things through her many corporate years as an educator in the salon industry.


Jules believes that your hair and image are directly connected to how you feel in the world: your hairstyle can change your energy and outlook. She enjoys learning about her clients so she can cultivate their style with intention, and finds inspiration for her work through art, nature and architecture. She studies the history of hair artistry and fashion, and is intrigued by the methods of fashion icons like Vidal Sassoon, and watching the industry repeat itself over and over with a twist, exactly like the textile, runway fashion.


From precision bobs to Avant Garde textures and geometry, Jules’s experience is one of her greatest assets. Amongst her clients, Jules is known as grounded, genuine, authentic, easy to talk to unique and artistic.


Jules Juno founded Juno Studio of Contemporary Hair Artistry in 2004 and carefully curates and designs the ambiance and decor of the salon with her clients and salon staff in mind. She values integrity, creativity, openness to change and personal evolution.


Juno has experience in product manufacturing, products sales, and salon industry education.


If you are interested in joining the Juno Studio Team, Jules has vast valuable knowledge about all aspects of the hair industry, and helps salon professionals to manifest their own special function within it, she has mentored many professionals through out her years in the salon industry.


Some of Junos interests, accomplishments and achievements include, modern art history, oil painting/painter, achieving a hot yoga instructor certification in 2002. Music, solo performance art, photography/ photographer, interior designer, and salon industry history aficionado.


Simply said, it’s inherent that Juno is a conveyance and embodiment of an artist.  B.F. 


Text For An Appointment: 303-809-0897


"Jules applies a holistic approach to hair artistry, considering facial features and body build. She creates a look that is unique and flattering for everyone. I have never had more trust for a hair stylist."


"I really liked my hair at the salon, but when I got home and ran my fingers through it, I realized that I love it –F*cking Brilliant! I feel like me again."


"She is a total whiz with colors and unique cuts. Let her do her thing! I live in Seattle now and fly to Boulder to have her do my hair. She is that good!"


“My biggest recommendation is to let Jules do her thing. Be okay with change and allow her to recreate your style. You’ll be amazed.”