SALON business during pandemic times, “The new normal”? …maybe just the usual normal with a twist

A note of safety and concern from salon owner Jules Juno
and the salon staff at
JunoStudio Of Contemporary Hair Artistry.

JunoStudio is a small boutique salon, being we are not a huge 20-chair salon we can easily sterilize the space for our customers for our protection and theirs.
As a small group we are mitigating the risk of the Corvid 19 virus in the following ways.
I have always run a clean salon, which is not by any means an easy thing to do.

Its the behind the scenes magic, that happens through out the day and minimally an extra hour of sanitation work at the end of each day.
The table is always set clean and ready for the next day, so to speak.
Years ago there was an establishment in Boulder that was believed to give many people the flu and I especially told myself.
That will never be my business.

The following standards are utilized PER customer.

Its obvious customers do not come in if they have symptoms,
but non the less needs to be mentioned in this list.

All doorknobs, armrests, restrooms, capes, combs, brushes, towels, and robes, wiping out shampoo bowls between clients. Antibacterial professional industry solution is added to the laundry to sanitize it. Every customer gets a fresh cape, robe, towels, combs,.
(They are not used more then once)
We give each client a sanitized cloth to carry with them throughout the salon for their use.

Hand sanitizer has always been a staple in the salon for customer’s use and safety.

The majority of these things are simply basic licensure procedures in the field and all people who do hair are to enforce these practices in order to obtain a license.

The Stylist roll has always been to practice good hygiene and keep themselves clean for their customers washing their hands between all customers, and all utensils used on customers are to be sanitized between each customer.
(This is nothing new).
As a former Aveda Institute Instructor for many years and a MN State license test administrator, I always have these issues in mind.

(Plus, I’ve always been a germ mitigating clean person; my customers know this about me)
Can it be seen as neurotic? Sure. Is it important? Absolutely.

Here is a list of back up things if you do not have standard disinfectant.

Take any non-disinfectant wipes
(baby wipes , skin wipes, face wipes)
add one the following liquids to the pack ,
to re purpose them into disinfectant wipes.
Ever clear (from liquor store)
Bleach solution
Barbacide solution
You can still find wipes that are not antibacterial and switch them into antibacterial with a little imagination.

What you can do to support your salon and stylist.

For the safety of everyone, please reschedule your appointment if you are feeling ill.
Keep washing your hands and keep your sanitized cloth with you during your service.
Be mindful when touching surfaces in the restrooms and the doorknobs.
Even though we are sanitizing we need you to be cautious as well. Double cautious.

Sanitizing products will be in the restroom so you can wipe down any surface you want to be double sure its safe.

Please buy your salon products from your local salon to help with salon costs.
Salon pricing is competitive and most product purchases are comparative to Amazon offers except you get instant gratification of having your products in the moment and the knowing of supporting a local small business.
And lastly, if you are pleased with your service, and are able to, please tip your stylist to help them make up for their lost work time in the salon.
Please contact your stylist to re schedule your appointments and at least get onto their schedule to ensure your hair appointment, and help them feel secure they have work in the coming weeks.
We plan to get back to business as soon as possible. In the mean time please optimistically pre schedule with you stylist.

Together we will be part of the solution by creating and maintaining this new normal.
Thank you for being our guest at JunoStudio, and if you have any further questions or concerns you can text me @ 303-809-0897 or send a message on the website contact form.
All stylist and salon information is on the website
Sincerely, Jules Juno