Fall Hair Guide For 2019

Its fall 2019 and that means its time to switch from summer to winter! Check out the best ways to care for your hair through the changing seasons.








How did my hair get SO dry and my color so light?











Fall usually brings the same challenges and recipes to resolve those issues.


Magazines will show hair colors and make- up to echo the fall leaves









Here are some things that change with fall weather 

The weight of your wardrobe…

Heavy fabrics in darker colors.








Your shoes obviously change for colder weather.



May be darker on lips and or eyes, with lighter foundation and a heavier moisturizer.














HAIR follows suit, all things used on summer hair do NOT necessarily work for winter hair.











After summer, hair needs a re group into Fall time and what does that mean exactly ?


 Coloring your hair 

Can help with the summer damage and will fill in the dry empty spaces of the hair shaft.











A professional hair color specialist can bring hair back from nearly any damaged condition.

 color safe shampoos, conditioners and hair products. Are a must to keep your color investment looking its very best.

Oribe Color safe shampoo and conditioner is a great choice.











One use of the wrong products can pull a great deal of color from your hair.

An example would be a volume or hair restoration product that is not color safe.


 Hair needs far more moisturizing products in winter vs. summer.












Get a quality haircut.










This season it all about Bobs & Shags of all different lengths and textures.



Get a deep conditioning service 











And ask your stylist what to use for your hair texture.











Get your winter haircut, color and product advice from a professional stylist at JunoStudio Of Contemporary Hair Artistry and be the perfect individual version of YOU!