Does Professional Hair Care Really Matter?

Following professional recommendations from your hairdresser…
Does it all really matter or are they just trying to sell me something?

The right haircut and products:

If your hair is thin:

It needs to be cut short and blunt to make it look thicker usually layers will accentuate the thin hair.

And an overly short pixie can accentuate fine hair too.

Products need to be volume type products from shampoo and conditioners

Dry shampoo, powders, clays, and volume tonics, specifically designed volume products to make the hair thick and give it texture.

If you want your hair to look thicker,

It requires upkeep and professional advice.

If your hair is thick:

It should not overpower you, as in it’s the first thing a person will notice about you and over shadow you or its does not match the rest of your body.Hair should be an accentuation.

Things that make a difference:

Your water type:

Hard water – (the most difficult on the hair)

If you have hard water your hair will require specific products ask your salon professional.

Pro products use less water in the formulation and are more concentrate and higher quality – Do your research.

Your products:

Hair should be treated differently for the climates and the seasons


Many times people do not match up why their hair is reacting as it is and usually they are missing that the climate just took a turn.

An example would be at the end of summer many people have dry summer hair.

In mid winter people get dry hair and lots of static – in hot summer people get flat hair.

Every weather shift requires a shift in hair care regimen.

How to treat wet hair:

Do not brush your hair when wet!

(Its too fragile, please use a wide to comb and a leave in conditioner to glide right through)

Curly hair:

Pat dry (no rubbing) with a Turkish towel

(You can purchase smaller head wrap towels on Amazon) or a T-shirt or a soft type of towel with zero texture (so to not rough up the cuticle of the hair)

Hair and scalp needs the basics:

Shampoo, conditioner and a leave in conditioner if the hair is damaged and or chemically treated.

Co- Washing:

There are specific cream cleansers that double as both cleanse and condition but still, a person should use actual shampoo at least once in a while to deep clean the hair and scalp to maintain health and shine.

Overly moisturized hair:

There have been times when I have put a beautiful hair cut on a person only to dry it (which takes forever) and the hair is overly weighted, has zero flow, is heavy with build up and will not bounce or shine.

Usually its from a person using the wrong inexpensive products and that buildup needs to be taken off with a more astringent cleanser then you can begin a new regimen of quality proper products for your hair.

Truly, trust your stylist if they give you a product recommendation.

At most they are only making a ten percent commission on sales. They seriously want their work to look amazing and last until your next visit and want to educate you on how to take care of the investment you just made.

This is how a stylist builds a business through you looking good all the time not just on your salon day and word of mouth is the best advertisement. THE BEST!! If you get compliments, please let people know who did your hair it’s the best compliment to your hairdresser.

Like Vidal Sassoon said, in his first commercial television campaign in the 1970’s

“When YOU look good, we look good”

Why should you buy products at a small business?

Buying at your salon does the following things.

Supports the salon so that they can stay in business and keep your salon home running. To have retail in a salon is a means to keeping people looking their best and stylist being able to extent their tool kit with exceptional products to serve you with.

Higher end salon products will always deliver a better outcome.

The longer the hair the older it is.

Think about it, hair grows half an inch a month so how old is your hair?

And if you want to keep the length looking nice and at its best, it need specific care.

I try to talk my clients into cutting off past energy and life experience that the hair can hold.

Are you holding onto something?

Static dry looking non-reactive hair

Hair needs moisture.

What is moisture?

Overly treated hair needs Moisture and protein, sometimes Keratin.

Aged hair – hair thins and breaks with age or what I have seen is when the gray hair begins to come in it does not marry well to the pigmented hair and will sometimes break off until the gray hair has taken over

When hair begins to gray it can go through texture shifts starting our soft and fine and advancing into a more textured hair type. Its a process.

Hair loss with age can be from stress , genetics and androgen take over or lack of proper nutrition . Sometimes an overly acidic diet can be part of the matter.

I have literally seen hair thicken more greens are added into a persons diet and they intentionally become more alkalized.


Just as you would moisturize your skin or nails the hair needs moisture too. With out it the hair gets fly away, static and dry.

Protein: is what hair is composed of.

Protein is composed of long chain amino acids. Hairs, skin and nails contain the same five elements, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen nitrogen and sulfur.

Keratin: is a protein

Hair is composed of protein. As hair grows it goes through a process called keratinization (the hairs fill up with protein called keratin)

90 percent of the hair shaft is keratin, which is a fibrous protein that fills up the hair shaft, which is a non-living fiber, composed of keratinized protein.

What do Keratin products do?

What type of hair qualifies for a Keratin treatment?





Leave in conditioner

What does it do?

It fills up the hair like gesso to a canvas or the same as you would put a moisturizer on before you put on foundation so the makeup sits on the skin evenly, or so a fixative can lay over top of it and work properly and not get sticky.

The hair will slip better when styling and have far more shine and not dry out. Think of the hairs cuticle as “fish scales “. When the scales are flat it looks smooth and shiny, when the scales are lifted the texture looks rough .

Plus it softens, detangles, provides frizz control, environmental protection, shine, and heat protection from dyers and hot irons.

It is specifically designed to leave in the hair after shampooing, conditioning and gently towel drying, apply or spray on the hair and comb through with a large tooth comb.














Leave in conditioner fills in the cuticle, reduces breakage, protects from styling heat damage

Leave in conditioner is NOT the same as leaving conditioner

(The type that is meant to be rinsed out) in the hair.

(I remember when I first started using leave in conditioner in the 80’s)

It was like I had found a true miracle for my hair and was

a total game changer for me and I never have went a day with out it since then.

(Little did I know that the Sebastian products would lead me to the French Riviera, Cannes attending a huge international conference and later to an entire career switch, with Sebastian International as an educator.)











Its funny how there are absolutely zero mistakes in life, even the bad things are good things that you understand as time goes by).