Our Team: Hair Artists

JunoStudio is home to these fine, professional, inspiring, Hair Artists in Boulder, CO:

Jules Juno – Studio Owner
Shay Jones
Aaron Pursell

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Juno Studio Of Contemporary Hair Artistry calls Boulder, CO, home and has been growing strong since 2004. Our vision is to maintain creative, passionate salon hair artists on all levels in this industry and promote education and advanced training to keep the fires of inspiration burning and pushing the edges of hair design.

It is a pleasure to serve the Colorado area and have clients and hairstylists travel from all over the country as guests in the Salon. At Juno Studio Of Contemporary Hair Artistry, we strive to create an atmosphere of genuine space holding for inspiration, care, integrity and good heartedness, showcasing talent from professional artists.

Together, we aim to create something special, creative and individual just for you, while making your day a bit lighter as you exit the studio with a bounce in your step and hair.”- Jules K. Juno