Careers at Juno Studio Boulder

Juno Studio is looking for talented, artistic and career-driven hair stylists. A stylist’s dream, Juno Studio is a collaborative community, focused on education and personal evolution.

Juno Studio is looking for independent, ambitious and artistic hair professionals with 5-15 years of experience and an existing clientele roster. Submit your application below to join the Juno Studio Team.

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About Juno Studio Boulder

Founded in 2004 by Jules K. Juno, Juno Studio attracts creative and passionate salon hair stylists. Jules promotes collaboration, personal growth and education: as a leader, she strives to inspire her team and to push the edges of hair artistry. Driven mostly by referral and reputation, the Juno Studio Team values inspiration, care, calm and integrity. The Studio’s calm environment provides career stylists room to create and grow.

“Hair artistry is more than a career; it is a lifestyle. It has the power to heal and transform.” – Jules

Career Opportunities at Juno Studio

Join a hair studio family that aspires to create a unique and creative hair movement in Boulder, Colorado. Each hair stylist considers their work to be meaningful and more than just a day job: their collective work is purposeful, healing and visionary. Thriving from genuine connections with people, the team helps clients find the right style, cut and color to suit their desired image and lifestyle.

Meet the Juno Studio Team

Jules Juno | The Visionary Hair Shaman

Shay Jones | The Eternal Optimist

Aaron Pursell | The World Traveler

Hair Models Wanted

On occasion, Jules Juno creates imagery, as well as directs and organizes photo shoots, featuring hair models. If you are interested in being a haircut model, please reach out to Jules Juno by email and include a photo. Only submissions featuring photos will be considered.

Juno Studio Leadership

Jules K. Juno, the founder of Juno Studio Boulder, began cutting and styling hair in the mid-1980’s. She has experience in hair product manufacturing and sales, haircutting and coloring, salon ownership, marketing, and business development, among other areas. She has a wealth of knowledge about the underpinnings of the hair industry; she enjoys educating and cultivating her staff.

In her leadership approach, Jules is supportive, encourages evolution through learning, and pushes people to grow. She is compassionate, protective, genuine and believes in collaboration over competition. Her studio is a beacon for hair education and artistry in Boulder, Colorado.

Industry Advice from Jules Juno

Jules Juno has trained and worked with hair industry veterans and shares her knowledge and business philosophies with her team. Through her years in the industry, her mentors have taught her that supporting exceptional staff is paramount to the success of a salon.